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Entity Object Base View Object in ADF ( Manually Creation of ADF Business Components and Types of View Object Part 1 )

Hi Every one in this post i will show you How to create ViewObject Manually and the types of View Object .

Types of View Object
There are four type of view object .
1) Entity Base
2) SQL Query Base
3) Programmatic Base
4) Static List

1)Entity Base
Suppose you have an ADF Application with Employee Entity Object  and later you need to create a view object base on Employee Entity Object
Before creating View object Application looks like this (no other ADF Business Component not even AppModule we will later create AppModule manually )

To create Entity object base View object manually just right click on Model and select New

Then from the new window Select ADF Business Component from categories and viewObject form items and click ok

Then from the new window write the name of  View object Select Entity Object and click next

In the next Window select Employees EnitiyObject and move to right side and then click next

Next select Attributes and move to right side that you need in new view object (EmpVO) i just select EmployeeId, First name , and Last Name and after selecting attributes click Next

In the Next window you can modify different properties i just change the name of EmployeeId to Id and click Next

In the next window you can apply  where Condition and Order By  clause 

In next window just click Next 

In the Next window you can generate java classes (i will explain this in later post) For now just click Next

In the Next window you can select AppModule but we have not create AppModule yet So just Click Next

This window show the summery , again click Next  and then Finish 

You have Successfully created View Object (EmpVO) base on Entity Object (Employee)
now you Application will be look like this

the URL of Second Part

In the next post we will manually create AppModule and then we will run and check this Application
Note :- Without AppModule we can't run our Application 

Please Feel Free To Ask if you Face any Difficulty 
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Date 08-06-2016

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