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List of Values in ADF (Manually Creation of ADF Business Components and Types of View Object Part 5)

Hi Everyone this is the fifth part about  Manually Creation of ADF Business Components and Types of View Object
In the previous post i have described how to create Static List base View Object , if you haven't seen yet please visit the following Link 

In this post i will show you how to create List of Values for a specific attribute
(I have created std_info table in database and also std_info view object in my previous post , if you heavn't seen yet please visit the above link )
For this post we use a Student _information Form , it has four attributes
Std_age , and
To save Gender we have a List of Values on input  form , The List of value has three options
Now in database the value of Gender will be save in following way
1) if user select 'Male' then in database 'M' will be save
2) if user select 'F.Male' then in database  'FM'  and
3) if user select 'Other' then in database 'O' will be save

For lov values  i use another static list base View object
(i have created static  view object and std_info View object  in my previous post , the link is mention at the start of this post)

To create List of values on Gender Attribute 
Double click on "StdInfoView" view object  then select Gender from attributes   and click on List of values
then click on + icon

When you click on the + icon a new window will display in front of you
then from the new window click on + icon to select List Data Source then select and move StaticVO from left to right

Then in List Attribute select baseValue  and click on Ui Hints

After clicking UI Hints , select and move Definition attribute from left to right
also checked the "No selection Item"  check box , then choose value "Label item first of List "
and write the value as shown in the following pic and press ok

Now just Right click on AppModule and select Run

Now double click on StdInfoView1 , it will show blank form , because we haven't insert any record in this table , so it shows just attribute's name
To insert Record just click on + icon and enter the values
For Gender select 'Male' from list of values
after setting the values , must click on commit button

So you select 'Male' form List of values , and it should be save as 'M' in database
To confirm this Run your PLSQL Developer and check the value form std_info table
it should be like this

Please Feel Free To Ask if you Face any Difficulty 
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