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Packages in ADF \ Best Practice to Manage Application

Hi Everyone , in the last Post we have created ADF application that consist on ADF Business Components
if you don't have seen please visit following URL

The Components are
1) AppModule
 It control the navigation of data and also manage Data sources
2)Entity Object
It is just the copy of Database table structure in ADF OR you can say it maps all the database table's attribute with all constraints , and the view object that base on Enity Object is update able means you can perform DML operations on it
3)View Object ( There are four types )
Use to display data
It means link between tow Entity Object
5) ViewLink
Means link between two View Objects
Following is the pic of created Application ( i have created this Application in my previous post , you can visit  , i have mention the url at the beginning of this post )

So, you can see above created application is consist on only
Two viewObject (DepartmentsView and EmployeesView)
One EntityOBject (Employees)
One Association (EmpManagerFKAssoc) and
One ViewLink (EmpManagerFKLink)

And all are Under Model Package (In simple words Packaging means Foldering  )
In Real world large Applications it is not as simple to manage these components
Suppose A project consist  on Hundred of Entity objects , View objects, Associations and View links
and if you do not organize these components with proper packaging then its too difficult to work with them
suppose if you need to edit one of  the view objects you can imagine how its difficult for you ...

So with the help of Packages option you can create separate Package or Folder for each of the components
suppose one package for  Entity objects
one for  View objects
one for Association
one for View links
and one for AppModule
In this way you can manage your Application in a better way

So to create packages or Folders ( Before creating ADF Business Components)
1) just Run the jdeveloper
2) Click on Tools menu  and select Preferences

3) From the Preferences Window search for packages and select packages under ADF Business Component and type Packages or Folder Name

Now just press OK and create ADF Business Components and you will see them in an organized Form

Note :- it is one time process , you have no need to set them each time when you create new application

You can also create packages at the time of creation ADF Business Components ..

Please Feel Free To Ask if you Face any Difficulty 
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Date 08-06-2016


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