Saturday, 11 June 2016

How to Create View Link in ADF

Hi Everyone in this post i simply show you how to create ViewLink between two View Objects in ADF
For this post i have created two SQL Query base view objects  , name as
EmpQB and
if you don't know how to create Query base view object please visit the following Link 

To create View Link
Just Right Click on Model and select New

Then from the "New Gallery" select ADF Business Components form categories and View Link from Items and then click OK

In next window select View Link Name and Display Name and click on Ok

In next window select DepartmentId from DeptQB in "Select Source Attribute" side (Master table)
Then from EmpQB also select DepartmentId in " Select Destination Attribute" side   (Detail table)
click on "Add"
and Then click on Next

Next window show the properties of View Link    , for now we go with the default properties , Just click on Next

Again Just click on Next

Again Next

In next window you can add an instance of this view link to an AppModule
For this checked the "Add to Application Module " check box
Then click on Browse and select AppModule and click on OK
Now Click on Next

The next window just show the summary about this View Link
click on Finish

Now to check view Link properly created or not
Right Click on AppModule and select Run

From the New Window double click on DeptNdEmpVL and check data , it will be look like the following pic

Now move to next Department by click on arrow sign and you will see the employees data will also change
according to Department

Please Feel Free To Ask if you Face any Difficulty 
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Date 10-06-2016

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