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ADF Business Components Part 1 (Enity Object , View Objects , ApplicationModule )

Hi every one This is my Second Post part 1 , In my First post i simply describe  how you can create your first application by using jdeveloper , here is the link

Today i'll describe about the ADF Business Components (i just give you an basic over view )
ADF Frame Work bases on MVC (Model View Controller ) Model , So
 when ever we start a new Application the ADF Frame Work divide it into two projects
1) Model
2)View + Controller  = View Controller
Here i am just give you an idea about Model layer
Model Layer is Simply used to access the data from Database or other sources
Here in model layer we can apply simple Validations ,  Constraints  and other business logic
We can perform customization (change viewObjects name , data types and  so on.....)
Now the question is in ADF in what form we can access data
There is two simple things
1)  Entity Object
2) View Object

Basically there are three main Main Business Components
1) Entity Object
2) View Object
3) AppModule
And further is
and View Links

Entity Object  is just the copy of the complete structure of Data base table in ADF 
(Complete Structure means all the attributes , data types , constrains )

For example you have a table( Table name = Std_tbl) in database with three attributes
id with data type number and primary key constraints apply on it
second one is name with data type String
and 3rd one is age with data type number
Now when you create an Entity object base on Std_tbl  table , it copies all the attributes with  all its constraints

And in Model Layer you can add more constraints with the help of tool

Secondly ViewObject
There are 4 types of View Objects
1) Entity Base
2) SQL Query base
3) Programmatic base
4) Static List

 View Object that are base on Enity Object are Update able
Means you can perform all type of DML operations on it (insert , delete ,update modify )
And View Object is used to display the data to end user

--> ApplicationModule
It control the data navigation and all connections

Now we create and Application and try to understand about these things
Please Run your jdeveloper click on File Menu and select new
Select Application from left side and Fusion Web Application From right side

Then Click your Application Name and Click next

Now the Next Window is to specify the name of Model Layer and press two time Next 

In Next Window specify the name of ViewController or leave it as default  and press Next , Next and Finsh

So you finally build Application 


url of  Second Part 

Please Feel Free To Ask if you Face any Difficulty 
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Date 29-05-2016

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